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Sports Bike Helmets

Riding is about passion, and nothing can come between you and your passion. Undoubtedly there are trails that are prone to accidents but giving up on riding is not the way to go.

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Hence it is a necessity for you to take preventive measures which will ensure safety while both on the road and off-road driving.

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Talking about safety while riding your bike, helmets are the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind. These are the protective shields that help us protected.

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There are different types of helmets available in the market, and from the list sports bike helmets are one we are here writing about.

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Certainly just as the name goes, these helmets are best for the sports bikers. Hence these are designed in a way that it offers complete protection to your head and face.

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The market has a lot of choices open for you, which might open a large number of options, but choosing the right one is still confusing.

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Today we are here to take a look at the features and benefits of the sports bike helmets.

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Features of sports bike helmets

The sports bike helmets are constantly evolving just to match with the technological advancements making use of the best product for improved security. Some of the amazing features of these helmets include:

A Beginner's Guide to Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Outer shell

These sportbike helmets are designed with a hard outer shell which is the coloured part that you can find.

What Material Choices Are There in Motorcycle Helmet Construction?

This is generally made with the carbon fibre, Kevlar, moulded plastics, polycarbonate or combination of the mentioned materials.

What Material Choices Are There in Motorcycle Helmet Construction?

The prime function of this is to protect the head from abrasion or shock, along with preventing the penetration of other objects.

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Padded layer

This is the portion where your head rests while you are wearing a helmet. This generally includes the open cell foam covered with another second cloth. It is specially designed to keep you cool while riding. It can be removed for washing.

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Impact absorption layer

There is an impact absorbing liner present inside the outer shell, which is made from the EPS. It absorbs shock and displaces energy. Some are made with single layer density foam while others with dual density layers.

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Chin Strap

Chin strap is generally provided to make sure that your chin is secure. Generally, these are designed with woven materials, and the presence of two d-rings ensures security. These are made with a quality cloth which ensures comfort and wick sweat. Andux Helmet Chin Strap TKXBT-01: Sports & Outdoors


Visor is also the face shield is provided to keep debris or bugs out. As while you are riding a bike, the chances are higher that you will get insects and dirt on your way.

Nolan N21 Motorcycle Helmet - Nolans Official Website

The visor keeps them away. Also, they are designed with different colours that you can choose as per your choice.

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The ventilation system is provided to keep the rider cool even in the hottest days. Most of the companies design helmets with the option for opening and closing them as per the weather condition. They can be adjusted as per the needs along with the rider’s comfort.

Unisex Ultralight 18 Air Vents Bicycle Cycling Helmet Riding Gear Bike  Equiment Sporting Goods Helmets

Cheek Pads

These sports bike helmets have cheek pads. These can be easily removed and customized as per the head shapes. This adds comfort and extra protection. BELL Revolver Cheek Pads (Grey, 60mm): Automotive

Advantages of sports bike helmets

Reduce head injuries

One of the biggest reasons for wearing a helmet is the protection it gives to your head. As per the stats and figures, it has been seen that 70% of the accidents have resulted in head injuries.

CRAG – Cyclists Rights Action Group

However, the use of sports bike helmets can reduce the chances of head injuries to a huge extent. Designed with several layers, these helmets can prevent injuries and ensure safety.

Bicycle helmets reduce risk of serious head injury by nearly 70%, study  finds | Cycling | The Guardian

Protects against elements

In the cold climates, the chances of facing uncomfortable winds are much higher. The helmets can easily handle such scenarios.

These helmets come with the visors, which becomes a great choice as it keeps the disturbing elements away from becoming an obstruction to your vision.

Provide better visibility

Keeping in mind regarding the needs of the sportsperson, these helmets are provided with high-quality visors that can improve the visibility. Besides these are a great addition to improving visibility.


Sports bike helmets are certainly a great choice for the people who are into riding the sports bike. Since there are several off-road trails, the chances of facing accidents are much higher than usual. Added with layers of protection ensure a safe ride.

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So if you have already chosen your sports bike helmets, you can check our assortment. We have an amazing collection of sports bike helmets at a reasonable price from some of the most popular brands like Vega, Steelbird, Royal Enfield and Studd.

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