HTC Legend vs iPhone 3GS – The Battle Continues… The Winner is?

The battleground doesn’t heat up when one of the players is far better or far worse than their competitors but when both are at loggerhead on equal grounds.

While users are busy eyeing the latest technology on the block, the debate about which device is better than the other continues between the HTC Legend and the iPhone 3GS.

Much has already been written and discussed about good and bad of both the phones but experts and technology lovers cannot stop comparing them.

These devices are more than just a phone and provide many features that a normal handset would have.

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These are revolutionary pieces having a widescreen, fast speed net connection, music and video recording facilities, and much more than few words and phrases can sum up.

Apple iPhone 3GS: Ayuda y asistencia | Asistencia de T-Mobile

So let’s take this opportunity to get on to the battlefield and scrutinize them on different parameters.

Operating System and User Interface That Matter The Most

Apple devices are liked by the users because of the simple technology and easy navigation techniques that are incorporated in them.

Tempting fate: Installing iOS 6 on the iPhone 3GS | Ars Technica

The company has been using in-house technology and design solely created for the Apple iPhone. The new iPhone 3GS too, is equipped with all the latest gizmo features like best animation and navigation techniques, speedy response, and many more.

iPhone 3GS - Wikipedia

But with the launch of the HTC Legend by the Taiwanese company post its HTC Hero, Apple’s iPhone has faced a tough competition in terms of eye-grabbing technology.

HTC Legend and Desire – COOL HUNTING®

The Snapdragon processor that comes along with 1 GHz clock frequency has lead this device to outsmart the iPhone (600 MHz) in every aspect, whether it is speed, navigation, camera loading, video recording or internet connectivity that lets the user browse through various pages simultaneously.

Qualcomm's new Snapdragon X60 5G modem has an audience of one: Apple |  Macworld

What’s more, the HTC Legend also comes with some smart features that allow the user to communicate through the web browser faster than ever.

HTC Sensation Review - SlashGear

But then how is it possible? It’s because HTC Legend has the most advanced sense technology built within it that allows this device to launch seven active Leap screens at a time.

HTC Legend: Internet - HTC Legend review | TechRadar

Now what remains to be answered is whether one would be interested in shelling out more just for a sleek look and good performance?

Apple iPhone 3G S 32GB iPhone 3GS Full phone specifications ::

On the other hand, when compared to the older version of Apple iPhone 3G, the latest one provides better speed, better video recording capacity and that’s more than enough for the die-hard Apple phone lovers go for it.

Apple retira el iPhone 3G y el 3GS baja de precio, se adelantan las rebajas  de verano ante la WWDC

Not to miss out another eye catching feature of this phone…it also has a graphics processor that has a capacity of driving more than six million triangles every second.

And the Design Element…

Following the technology and features, design is another important aspect that forms a deciding factor prior to the purchase.

Collection of drawings of the Apple iPhone 3GS (3rd Gen) display with measured dimensions and resolution

Apple’s iPhone 3GS is sleek and smart with a 3.5 inches LCD screen while the HTC Legend has a 3.2-inched AMOLED screen, making it light and pocket friendly compared to the well-admired iPhone.

HTC's new Desire 12 phones have humdrum specs but splashy colors - The Verge

The back covers of both Apple’s iPhone and HTC’s Legend are made out of plastic. But it does not lend some great design aspect to both the phones and is much expected given the recent designs mobile companies have been using. They do look smart but there is no wow factor as such.

Understanding the iPhone 3GS

But when it comes to display, Legend surpasses iPhone with its AMOLED 3.2 inches wider screen compared to the 3.5 inches display of the other.

Download Darkops : AMOLED Wallpapers 3.2.0 APK |

But again in the day-light, the picture quality of the iPhone is definitely better than the Legend.

Apple iPhone 12 mini Review | PCMag

Though the picture quality of the Legend steals the show, in terms of functionality, Apple’s iPhone also has a cover to protect its screen and to allow easy cleaning of the device.

Music, Camera and Action

Apple’s iPhone scores well when it comes to multimedia features it provides to its users.

14 Ways iOS 14 Makes Listening to Music Even Better on Your iPhone « iOS &  iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

The latest 3GS capacity of the iPod is ingrained into this phone, which makes listening to music and viewing video files an enjoyment in itself. The new iPhone 3GS also allows user to do video recording.

How to Enable 720P HD Video Recording on iPhone 3GS

And though HTC’s Legend has a 5 mega pixel camera, it fails to win over its users when it comes to other multimedia features like music playing, video recording and so on.

Functional Capacity

The phone memory of iPhone is somewhere up to 32 GB whereas, HTC Legend provides 576 MB of memory space plus a memory card allowing further 32 GB space for the user to store their data.

The phone's data to your site Apple iPhone 5c 32GB ::

The system specifications of both Apple’s iPhone 3GS and HTC Legend are quite same since both are equipped with HSDPA networks at 7.2 Mbps speed of data transfer. They also come with a GPS-receiver, Wi-Fi technique and pack containing 3.5-mm headphone and a headset. Legend has Fm feature whereas iPhone provides a TV connection.

How to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV

When it comes to sensor technology, as we discussed earlier, Legend has definitely has carved a niche for itself as a technology savvy phone.

How to connect an iPhone to a TV in two different ways - Business Insider

Its sense technique allows user to have about 140 screens at a time while letting them use various configurations like for example one scene has seven screens then a user can open up to twenty scenes in combination for various purposes.

How To Connect An iPad Or iPhone To A TV: Mirror Your Screen - Macworld UK

One combination could be for their work location and the other for home allowing them to tag and access them whenever necessary.

Topo GPS – Topographic maps for iPhone and Android

Again, Apple’s iPhone has 159 applications, which can only be arranged on 11 screens, which are much less compared to Legend.

Apple iPhone history: Look how much the iPhone has changed

And the FriendStream embedded in HTC Legend gathers all the information about user’s friends’ updates from social networking sires like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr as soon as any new bit of information or a photo gets uploaded on any of these sites.

HTC Legend official: AMOLED & "Hidden Power" design - SlashGear

All said and done, both have some positive and some negative aspects. Technology keeps changing every day with newer features and smart techniques making a headway, who knows what shocking features would future brings into the world of cellular technology. Only the time will tell!

HTC Legend

In a Nutshell:

Apple iPhone 3GS

THE GOOD: Mac OS X, high capacity and speed internal storage, great battery life, scratch-resistant Glass cover

THE BAD: Heavy, No extra memory card-slot

THE GOOD: Android OS, Integrated GPS, 5 Megapixel Camera and Slim and Smart Design

THE BAD: Not too great multimedia features.

Apple revives classic 'Music Quiz' iPod game through the Shortcuts app on  iOS 14 - 9to5Mac

With such a heady mix of features, it’s really a tough job to decide. Nevertheless, the battle continues forever…

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