HTC Legend Review – A Smart Phone with Rich Features

HTC Legend – An Overview

Being the latest offering from the reputed telecom brand HTC, the Legend has all that makes it a brilliant handheld. It is also considered to be an upgraded version of the HTC Hero.

Be it the body or screen, multimedia or audio, this phone has everything that you may expect from a phone launched by a top-notch brand. Let’s explore a bit further and check out what makes this phone one and unique:

HTC Legend

HTC Legend The Body and Screen

The HTC Legend is the first HTC phone to use a 2.1 Android. It runs with HTC Sense, which makes it a better bet than the UI deficiency in Android.

HTC Legend review | Engadget

The phone is already popular with its incredible looks. It has an aluminum uni-body design with rubber behind to prevent it from slipping too much.

HTC Legend official: AMOLED & "Hidden Power" design - SlashGear

The uni-body’s toughness has been amply demonstrated. The best part about the phone is the magnificent 3.2 inch VGA 320 X 480 pixel AMOLED capacitive touch screen display.

HTC Legend AMOLED struggling with grayscale - Android Community

The only disadvantage with the screen is that it is practically ineffective under direct sunlight. One of the other problems is the over sensitivity of the screen which can create a few problems when someone accidentally touches it.

HTC Legend pictures, official photos

HTC Legend Multimedia

The HTC legend has made a big enhancement in the audio quality over the previous HTC phones. It can function like a good backup player with Sennheiser IE 8. However, the headphones one gets with the actual pack are not good.

HTC Legend review | Engadget

The 5 megapixel auto-focus camera is a great plus and at par with the other Smartphones around. It has a resolution of 2592 X 1936 pixels. It has an LED flash for night photography.

HTC Legend, the New Android Phone - Stock Watch

However, one may be disappointed to find the poor quality of night photos especially along the edges. The camera shutter is not very well placed and is very difficult to use by holding in the conventional position.

HTC Legend

Some users have also complained about the combination of bad shutter placement and a glossy slippery body which makes clicking photos with one hand very difficult.

HTC 10 audio testing — BoomSound evolved | Android Central

HTC Legend Audio Bonanza

The voice quality of the phone is excellent. The speaker quality is good too. But the location of the ear piece makes it difficult for people to hear the other side sometimes, and one might need to hold it lower than usual for clear audibility.

HTC 10 audio testing — BoomSound evolved | Android Central

Thanks to the G-sensor, you can mute the ringer since the speaker on the back is very clear and surprisingly loud.

Another interesting feature of the phone is the vibration when you receive a call, so you don’t have to wait and hear to find out if the call has been connected.

HTC Legend Incoming Call - YouTube

However, video calls are really not possible because of the absence of a camera in the front.

HTC Legend review: A Hero becomes a Legend: Audio quality, camera

HTC Legend Processing Speed and Usability

The boot up time of the Legend is very good compared to its predecessors. Some users have complained about a weaker Wi-Fi reception which might make browsing the internet on the go a slight problem.

An HTC One retrospective | Android Central

The HTC legend has an in built GPS receiver and since it uses Android, it also comes with Google maps that one can use for navigation.

The buttons on the HTC legend are slightly off the track. The Back and search buttons occupy the predominant position and given the slightly sticky nature of the buttons, getting to the dialer immediately takes some getting used to.

HTC Legend Review: Hero becomes Legend with HTC's latest Android smartphone  - Mobile Phones - Smart Phones - Good Gear Guide

It comes with an optical track pad which has mixed responses compared to the original track ball.

The MicroUSB port is a cool addition though. The battery, MicroSDHC card and SIM card are all under a rubber cover and although it is easier to open the battery, the cellular radio antenna attached to the cover might cause the phone to go unreachable to the callers. Review of HTC Desire HD GSM/UMTS Smartphone

Similarly, one should be careful while handling the Legend and dogs and kids can really spoil the rubber cover and once the battery is loosened it will kill the power.

The quality of the videos watched on the HTC legend might create some problems until they find a fix for the Adobe Flash used. This leaves one with the option of playing videos only on Youtube.

HTC Legend review | Engadget

Good thing is that the Legend has been made slightly simpler by clubbing the widgets of Android and HTC.

It also has a good highlighting tool along with shortcut for copying, sharing and also searching.

HTC Legend, the New Android Phone - Stock Watch


All in all, the HTC legend is quite a functional handset. More importantly, it has brought many new features for the HTC loyalists. It is amazingly tough and hence handling is not a worry.

HTC Legend Review | Pocketnow

The screen is gorgeous, except that it is difficult to view in the sunlight. The sound quality of the speaker is very good but HTC could have provided better headsets than what they do now. The overall performance of the phone itself seems to be satisfactory.

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