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Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Whirlpool is a famous brand that has been in existence for over ten decades. The company provides a decent variety of modern air conditioners with thoughtful innovation and good versatility. 

Notably, it’s among the few consumer durable brands to sail through the hardships of economic depression in the 1930s. Presently, it’s the largest manufacturer of home appliances across the world. 

3D Cool Elite Pro 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (100% Copper, 10 Year  Warranty) - All Air-Conditioners - Air Conditioners

In India, the Whirlpool brand started its’ operations in the 1980s. It’s been expanding rapidly and setting up units in Faridabad, Pune, and Pondicherry. The brands’ headquarters is in Gurgaon. 

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The company controls about 5% of the air conditioners market in the Indian market, with a 10% growth rate. Whirlpool mainly manufactures air conditioners for residential uses only; it deals with split and window air conditioners.

14 Best Air Conditioners in India 2021 - Reviews & Buying Guide - Ghar Best

Whirlpool offers different types of air conditioners depending on your needs and budget. Before you make an investment in air conditioners, it is vital that you understand the important points to ensure you have made the right decision.

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Key Technologies/ Features of Whirlpool Air Conditioners

  • IntelliComfort Technologies to Provide Maximized Cooling

Split air conditioners from Whirlpool come with IntelliComfort technologies that have smart logic chips inserted in them. 

Whirlpool AC in India – Review 2021 : Bijli Bachao

These technologies ensure that indoor units accurately weigh ambient humidity and communicate the information to the outdoor units to adapt the air conditioners’ operations; this facilitates maximum cooling while saving energy. 

Whirlpool AC in India – Review 2021 : Bijli Bachao
  • Smart Diagnose Feature

Air conditioners by Whirlpool come with the smart diagnosis technology which helps in diagnosing and solving any malfunctioning encountered by the air conditioners correctly and quickly.

Best Whirlpool Air Conditioners | Reviews

These features provide users with useful information about the correct manner to use the air conditioners which prevents the possible breakdown of the air conditioning units. 

  • 3D Cool Extreme Technologies 

Ordinary air conditioners come one vent which sucks out hot air from rooms that don’t make them very energy efficient when cooling.

Whirlpool AC in India – Review 2021 : Bijli Bachao

Superior split air conditioners from Whirlpool come with 3D Cool Extreme technologies with 3-dimensional vent systems that get rid of hot air quickly, maximizing on energy efficiency. 

New makes of the Fantasia models have a 39 feet air throw systems which deliver uniform cooling even if the rooms are extremely large.

Powerful 3D Cool Xtreme HD Air Conditioners From Whirlpool
  • Dual Fan Compressor Technologies

Compressors are the backbone of air conditioners; they consume most of the electricity. All new makes of Whirlpool air conditioners come with progressive Japanese rotary compressors.

These compressors are very efficient in reducing the loss of pressure of refrigerator gases and they minimize noise levels. 

Additionally, they have dual fans that supplement the efficient rotary compressors; this is by boosting the air conditioners’ performance even in extremely high temperatures. Whirlpool 8171434K (8171434), 4-Pack (Large), Air Purifier  Active Carbon Pre-Filters, Fits Air Purifier Model AP51030K, AP45030K,  APR45130L, WP500, 18x16.5 inch: Home & Kitchen
  • 4-in-1 Filtrations

Whirlpool air conditioners come with 4-in-1 filtrations which get rid of harmful particles in the air emitted from:

  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • Buses 
  • Other types of off-road vehicles
  • Burning of oil, wood, and grass fire
Health Effects of Ozone and Particle Pollution | State of the Air

These particles can cause serious health problems including:

  • Lung and throat irritation
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Nose and eye irritation
  • Increased occurrences of chronic bronchitis

These filtrations in Whirlpool air conditioners protect you from these life-threatening conditions. 

Copper VS Aluminum - Condensers and Evaporators Coils
  • Copper Condensers

Air conditioners from Whirlpool are made of 100% copper which facilitates better heat transfer than aluminum condensers. Copper condensers are easier to clean, maintain, and more durable than aluminum condensers.

Aluminum Condenser vs Copper Condenser in AC – Dand Party


Whirlpool is among the few companies which keep providing the latest advancements in their air conditioners. Their air conditions are the most sought after because of their high level of energy efficiency and durability. 

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