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Google’s competitive platform is given Apple a huge competition by running features that most non apple fanatics find amazing and apple royals are also noticing.

The buzz about both Android and a Google phone for a while has been long waiting. Android now available to the consumer market is in various forms with different brand models.

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Android has made a conscious effort to flood the market rather than just step in. Customers looking for Android phones have plenty of choice and hence, there is a bit of confusion too.

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To make matters easy, we are pointing out 8 best smartphones available with the Android and their marvellous features.

To start with the Motorola Droid X is to with the best. Though HTC does give it a power competition, Motorola makes it a point to out beat its former Droid models this season.

Características detalladas Motorola Droid X -

The model is stylish, rubber backed and slimmer than the HTC EVO 4G. It has all its buttons sleekly fit around it and makes for rather savvy model.

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Among its plus points is the display and 1 GHz performance which is speedy and effective in navigation.

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Also, the multimedia use of this phone is rocking and can also be used to make your own videos or take pictures with its fantastic camera.

The only point that does not agree with all its new found freedom is that it is not introduced with the latest version of Android. Apart from which, everything else well settles it at number one.

Motorola Droid X, potencia multimedia para bolsillos grandes

The Google phone is a yardstick to measure others but lacks in design capability and has hardware issues. The first very to promote the Android, it runs beautifully and is really slim.

modelo 3d Droid X de Motorola - TurboSquid 596694

The price is reasonable and it operates without any given issues. While we are talking of the software and size, the battery can give you a problem as it does not stand long hours.

Original Motorola Droid X Battery - -

Also, for music lovers, the multimedia functions of the phone are not very impressive. The Google Nexus One is fast, simple and amazes you with the tweaks to the Android OS 2.1 by making it look savvier.

For small business owners, this lightning fast OS easily integrates with any answering service to allow you to rapidly read and respond to messages that may be sent.

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The design is slim and easy but not super cool. The bit that takes the cake is its 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that increases its productivity and speed and the camera is simply fabulous.

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A phone for people who like it useful, efficient and do not expect much in terms of gadgetry or wow features.

Here comes a phone that has amazing sound capability, design and superb performance with great display. This phone is too good to be true with its powerful media performance with the HTC sense player

HTC Google Nexus One pictures, official photos

The phone has a two year contract with Sprint and endorses the tag 4G which is only available to selected people.

Some say they hate the fact that HTC sense does not make use of 4G but then its camera quality, display wow capability and also Friendstream which allows you to check your friends and social networking statues and updates make the phone worth it.

Google dejará de vender Nexus One en su tienda online, fracasa en su  intento de revolucionar el mercado

In addition, the phone also has apps from Sprint added to it for you to have plenty of choice.

With everything that makes it a cool phone, HTC loses for the multimedia player on this one. The HTC Droid Incredible comes with a 2 year contract from Verizon operating at a lightning speed of its processor.

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In terms of performance, this phone gets as good as any HTC phone and hence, belongs along the top smartphones with Android.

The HTC Sense adds its quirk to the Android OS making it a fun experience for the user and is crystal with its display. I

HTC Google Nexus One News and Information |

ts camera is 8 megapixels and has superb flash quality enhancing any photos taken. Friendstream from all HTC phones is common to this one as well.

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The similarity between this one and Google Nexus One comes in its design and outer properties, though the HTC Desire comes in various forms of HD and Desire Z.

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It is widely accepted since when it was only first introduced to be now selling all over Europe and operates with a buttons for navigation and not a trackball but an optical trackpad.

HTC Desire C Price in India, Specifications, Comparison (30th December 2020)

The inside of the phone operates on a 1 GHz Qualcomm processor and with a slight pinch opens the pages you want.
It has superb clarity like the other HTC phones and comes with an FM Tuner to its bonus.

HTC Desire 12s, características, precio y ficha técnica

6. Samsung Captivate

AT&T’s entry in to the best category is supported by Samsung Captivate, a slim touch screen phone. To call this a social phone would be highly putting. Samsung Captivate, Black 16GB (AT&T)

It helps you stay in touch and is known best for its social networking capability.

A super AMOLED screen, you can compare it to the iPhone in some respects. It comes with a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor that makes it run fast on the Android OS 2.1.

Skin For Samsung Captivate Grunge Collection - -

In terms of design it is wider than an iPhone and curvy around corners. Also, its display is much brighter than the iPhone.

The USB jack to this phone is strategically placed on the top which makes it easier to use when attached. In all and all, the Samsung Captivate is quite the competition to an iPhone.

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While the Samsung Captivate took a shot the iPhone, Droid Pro is going for the Nokia E series and Blackberries of the world.

Most of the other Android smartphones are more geared towards multimedia usage. The Motorola Droid Pro is making a lung at the business arena with it keyboard but yet broader display of 3’.

Motorola DROID PRO Review - YouTube

For anyone who thought they needed a tech organiser, the Motorola Droid pro is also a choice now.

Voted among the best, this phone is sleek and little short of perfect. The phone comes with a two year contract from T mobile and runs on HSPA+ data speeds.

How To Speed Up 3G Data Connection To 4G Speed On Your Android Smartphone -  Gizbot News

Some people have criticized it to say that HSPA+ does not find coverage everywhere but apart from this the phone is hardly faulty.

It can be used as a camcorder or video recorder with its front and back facing cameras, sturdy in model and much better than the previous models releases.

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It has a high quality display with Android OS 2.2 running on it. Its MyModes feature is popular for customizing the phone suited to both your work and personal use. Also for multimedia use it has the feature media room that stacks up the music, videos and much more.

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